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Question[editovat zdroj]

Good night Harold,

I saw you canceled my edit about Hans Weiss, please see [1].

As I have not the least notion of czech (I am French but, whereas my parents were of polish and ukrainian origins, I do not understand a word of czech language), I did not understand why you did it, but it is not important because I guess it.

I would have liked someone to translate the text of this article to English (the text only, not the infobox which is obvious), if possible. After that, I will be able to create it in French Wikipedia.

Thanks in advance. Best regards. --Gkml (diskuse) 25. 7. 2018, 00:02 (CEST)

Hi Gkml. I reverted your edit because at the Czech Wikipedia we don't use links to other wikipedias (see Nápověda:Mezijazykové odkazy#Mezijazykové odkazy v textu, bold text on the top). And about translating... I'll try to translate it today. :-) --Harold (diskuse) 25. 7. 2018, 07:51 (CEST)
Gkml, here is the translated version:
Rozšířený obsah

Hans Weiss (Hans Weiß in German; 28 August 1911 - 23. October 1978) was a Waffen-SS officer and a panzer ace during the World War II, he was a SS-Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant colonel). He was also a holder of many military honors, including the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and the German Cross.

He was born on 28 August 1911 in the town Vöhringen, Bavaria. In 1936 he joined SS and participated in the Anschluss of Austria and occupation of the Sudetenland. In (year is missing) he commanded SS Nachrichtenabteilung from SS-Verfügungstruppe. During the expansion of the Waffen-SS in 1941 he was transferred to the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich", where he served as a commander of the 4th Company in 2nd Tank Reconnaissance Batallion SS (SS-Panzer Aufklärung Abteilung 2).

In the beginning of 1942 he became a commander of the 2nd Cavalry Batallion SS (SS-Kradschützenbataillon 2), where he replaced SS-Hauptsturmführer Christian Tychsen. Thereafter he was transferred back to the 2nd Tank Reconnaissance Batallion SS (SS-Panzer Aufklärung Abteilung 2), where he became a temporary commander. He gained his Knight's Cross with this Tank Reconnaissance Batallion.

In April 1943 he was promoted to the rank of SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) and also he became the commander of the 1st Batallion of 2nd Regiment of his division (SS-Panzer Regiment 2), where he replaced SS-Sturmbannführer Herbert Kuhlmann.

On 20 March 1944 he was transferred to the France to the 102nd Heavy Tank Batallion SS, where he became a commander and replaced SS-Sturmbannführer Anton Laackmann. With the Batallion he participated in the campaign in Normandy. At the end of August 1944 he was seriously injured in Falaise Pocket and captured by US units. Part of his troops evaded capture and were transferred do the Germany for regrouping. SS-Sturmbannführer Kurt Hartrampf became the new commander of the unit.

Hans Weiss survived WWII and died on 23 October 1978 after the car crash in Ulrichsberg, Austria.

--Harold (diskuse) 25. 7. 2018, 17:42 (CEST)
Thanks a lot, Harold : I will put it in French in the following days in order to create the corresponding article in French. Regards. --Gkml (diskuse) 26. 7. 2018, 05:14 (CEST)