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Mimochodník[editovat zdroj]

Moc vám děkuji za rozšíření článku Mimochodník --Queen lover fanpage (diskuse) 14. 10. 2019, 00:31 (CEST)

Vítejte[editovat zdroj]

tlačítko vkládání podpisu

Daniel Šebesta (diskuzepříspěvky) 16:53, 7. 1. 2007 (UTC)

Archiv předchozí diskuse:[editovat zdroj]

do 28. 8. 2008: Wikipedista diskuse:Sokoljan/A08
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do 31. 12. 2018: Diskuse s wikipedistou:Sokoljan/A18
do 31. 12. 2019: Diskuse s wikipedistou:Sokoljan/A19

Gratulace[editovat zdroj]

Také děkuji! --Sokoljan (diskuse) 16. 12. 2018, 13:12 (CET)

Greetings and an help for Coreca[editovat zdroj]

Good morning from Coreca dear Professor, I am writing to greet you and know how you are. I am quite well for now, I am also writing to ask you for help regarding Coreca, I saw that you helped the page, I ask you if it would be possible to expand it a little more, since I have put more photos and information. Lately as I wrote to other Wikipedian friends and colleagues, Czechs are also arriving in the territory of Coreca, perhaps and thanks also to some information in your language. Of course for your help, I thank you and wish you a good 2020 if we don't have to hear from you before. With regard--Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino (diskuse) 30. 12. 2019, 08:03 (CET)

Jedná-li se o aglické popisky k fotografiím, již přeloženo. (If the request concerns published photographs, the English text has already been translated to Czech.) --Svenkaj (diskuse) 30. 12. 2019, 20:32 (CET)
Díky za pomoc, ale kolega Vadacchino chce, abychom článek rozšířili - jenže nemáme z čeho.

@Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino: Dear colleague, I was pleased to improve the article, but for an expansion I have no source material. The article about Coreca is now - I hope - defendable, but the other two about the caves are simply untenable. Their importance is in this country close to zero and there is no serious and independent source given. Best greetings from --Sokoljan (diskuse) 30. 12. 2019, 21:32 (CET)

Greetings from Coreca[editovat zdroj]

Dear and kind Professor, Good morning and happy new year, thank you and greetings for your suggestions concerning my village. In any case, if you have seen in French, it is well done and you can draw inspiration to draw at least 10 more lines. Of course I am happy and honored to have known you. I am a student in Tourism Sciences at the University of Calabria, I greet you from all my fellow students. I also love classical studies, in fact we will soon begin the history of Magna Grecia. Well, sure of his understanding and attention. I greet and thank you, and I invite you to come to Calabria, in the sun of the Cradle of the western world. Sincerely yours.--Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino (diskuse) 1. 1. 2020, 08:45 (CET)