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Known issues about Flow[editovat zdroj]

Hi, I'm replying to phab:T136628. I listed problems with Flow in a list. --Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 13. 6. 2016, 12:54 (CEST)Link was fixed by --Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 22. 6. 2016, 17:37 (CEST)

Hi Martin Urbanec
Thanks a lot for that list. The local Flow board was not on my list of wikis-to-watch (I don't know why), but that's now fixed.
All points listed are known issues. At the moment, we don't have enough resources to work on that, but Flow development will be restarted soon. We are discussing internally on when we can have resources to develop some new features. I'll try to find all matching tasks on Phabricator, I hope to do that soon but I'm really busy at the moment. Please ping me if I forget!
Concerning browsers, it it the most blocking problem, which can be solved in most cases. If someone has a problem with Flow and can't solve it by following that process, please ask that user to contact me.
Thanks ! Trizek (WMF) (diskuse) 13. 6. 2016, 16:30 (CEST)
Hi Trizek,
I added another problem to the list. Ad browsers) I don't think that the Known problems page will help because I think that this will be something like memory problems. I asked the user for info about his computer and browser, I think it'll help us. I'll notify you when he'll reply. I'll be happy with tasks on Phab.
--Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 13. 6. 2016, 17:09 (CEST)
OJJ (user who cannot use flow because failing) uses Windows 8 and IE version 10. --Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 13. 6. 2016, 18:26 (CEST)
And what about scripts and gadgets compatibility? Did OJJ tried to use Flow when logged-out? Trizek (WMF) (diskuse) 13. 6. 2016, 19:21 (CEST)
Hello, Trizek! Unfortunately I unable to use Flow and others javascripts. They very slowed Wiki and my PC. OJJ, Diskuse 14. 6. 2016, 08:32 (CEST)
Hi OJJ, and thank your for your message.
You don't need JavaScript to use Flow. Can you use Flow when you are not logged-in?
Thanks, Trizek (WMF) (diskuse) 14. 6. 2016, 09:35 (CEST)
It's OK. Via tests. Thank! OJJ, Diskuse 14. 6. 2016, 19:10 (CEST)
I think you have a problem with one of your scripts then. Trizek (WMF) (diskuse) 14. 6. 2016, 19:57 (CEST)
@OJJ: Can you give us a list of gadgets you have enabled here? Itll be useful for debuging why you cant use Flow. --Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 14. 6. 2016, 20:09 (CEST)

Hi, I would like to notify you that I've moved my sandbox to Wikipedie:Flow/Problémy so it can be edited by another users. --Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 22. 6. 2016, 17:37 (CEST)

Thanks Martin!
Have you noticed that page, which can help some users to check why they can't use Flow? Trizek (WMF) (diskuse) 22. 6. 2016, 17:43 (CEST)
No, thanks for adding the link :). I'll ask at our Village pump if anybody knows an unlisted problem. --Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 22. 6. 2016, 17:55 (CEST)