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Tato stránka je měkké přesměrování na stránku mimo českou Wikipedii.

Dear Billinghurst, I am sorry but your last update in this site is faulty, because link to dmoz alternative is not useful, mostly website from this category are non-updated years and also some of the sites have closed. I think my update with link to translator.eu is right and useful and is not a spam. I appeal you take back my previously update.

Have a nice day


You should see my actions as separate actions. DMOZ links generally should remain; they are what they are. Where a link is no longer relevant, then it should just be removed. Wikipedias are not link directories, that is the task of something like DMOZ. So why do you think that a link to a translation website belongs on an encyclopaedic article about dictionaries? To note that your previous linking at de:Wörterbuch der Banater deutschen Mundarten has also been removed. The linking to the site does not make sense. Billinghurst (diskuse) 14. 11. 2017, 23:42 (CET)

Wikipedia basically should help with information, and also with direct navigation to sites which are useful for the thema. I agree with you that my update on BANATER was wrong, indeed, I am sorry. But I dont agree with you that dmoz is useful link. I again repeat that these links are bad, old, not working and I ask you why link to anything what is bad ?? Link to translator.eu is direct link for service which help everyone, without many next clicks than your example alternative dmoz. I appreciate your work for wikipedia, I known that you manage many content, but in this case you dont have true.

As I said above. If you think that DMOZ link is no longer useful and is problematic, then it is okay to remove it. Re translator.eu, I simply do not agree that adding a translation site is useful, and is not relevant to an article about dictionaries. Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia, not a link directory, nor a finding service. People can use bing or google, or ... to find those sites. Billinghurst (diskuse) 15. 11. 2017, 11:14 (CET)