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Velvyslanectví české Wikipedie existuje jako místo spolupráce mezi různojazyčnými Wikipediemi. Seznam všech velvyslanectví můžete nalézt na meta:Wikimedia Embassy.

Vítejte na velvyslanectví české Wikipedie. Pokud máte nějaké oznámení či dotaz ohledně mezinárodní spolupráce či české Wikipedie jako takové, můžete je umístit na tuto stránku či na diskusi k ní.
Zpráva pro velvyslanectví
Willkommen auf der Botschaft der tschechischsprachigen Wikipedia. Fragen und Vorschläge zu internationalen Themen können hier oder auf der Diskussionsseite zur Botschaft gepostet werden.
Mitteilung an die Botschaft
Welcome to the embassy of the Czech-language Wikipedia! If you have any announcements or questions regarding international issues or the Czech Wikipedia, you are invited to post them here or to the Talk: page for this article.
Message to the embassy
Bienvenue sur l'ambassade du Wikipédia tchèque! Si vous avez n'importe quelle annonce ou demande concernant les questions internationales ou le wikipédia tchèque vous êtes invité à les signaler ici ou sur la page de discussion de cet article.
Consulter des ambassadeurs
Добро пожаловать в Посольство чешской Википедии. Если у вас возникли какие-либо вопросы и/или сообщения по поводу международного сотрудничества или чешской Википедии как таковой, просьба разместить их на этой странице или в дисскусии к ней.
Сообщение Посольству

Velvyslanci / Ambassadors[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Velvyslancem může být libovolný wikipedista, který je ochoten řešit případné problémy mezinárodní spolupráce a komunikovat s uživateli cizojazyčných Wikipedií.

Velvyslanci české Wikipedie jsou Mormegil (diskuse) a Martin Urbanec.

Ambassadors of Czech Wikipedia are Mormegil (talk) and Martin Urbanec (talk).

Help / Helpo / Hilfe / Aide / Pagalba / Pomocy / Aiuto / Ayuda / Помощь / Apu / المساعدة / Pomoć / 手助け[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • Vizitantoj de Ĉeĥa Vikipedio povas peti helpon de la menciitaj uzantoj en la indikitaj lingvoj:

List of needed articles related to the Czech Republic[editovat | editovat zdroj]

You can visit the list of needed articles related to the Czech Republic. These articles should be included in every good Wikipedia.

Assistance request from en.wikipedia[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Greetings. I wonder if you could help with an issue on with two Czech sportswomen. We have an article w:en:Marta Pavlisová, and an article w:en:Marta Kroutilová. Both are canoeists.

  • w:en:Marta Kroutilová competed at the 1952 Summer Olympics. Our article specifies her birth date as 21-09-1925

At some point, thought these were the same person and we merged the articles. Later, we decided that we were wrong and separated them again.

The request is that you review both articles, confirm that they are distinct people and, ideally, provide any additional information (such as confimation of the date of birth, and the appropriate maiden and married names) with pointers to reliable sources. Perhaps because of the language issue we quickly run into problems trying to add more detail to either article; or perhaps there are no good sources for the information we seek. Thank you for your assistance. --Tagishsimon (diskuse) 8. 11. 2016, 01:00 (CET)

Hmmm, would Okino know? :-) --Vojtěch Dostál (diskuse) 8. 11. 2016, 01:21 (CET)
Hi, with reading and listening sources they are two distinct persons surely, you are right partly: Marta (nee) Pavlisová (1914–1953) got married, switching to "Pavlisová-Kohoutová", not Kroutilová, and Marta (nee) Kroutilová (1925–???) perhaps got married and adopted the name "Pavlisová", because in sources we can find her as "Kroutilová-Pavlisová".--Kacir 8. 11. 2016, 02:32 (CET)
Thank you. To make things even more complicated, I notice this edit where the name Marta Kroutilová-Veselá is introduced on the w:en:Marta Kroutilová article. Does anyone have any idea about that name? --Tagishsimon (diskuse) 8. 11. 2016, 02:46 (CET)
I guess, it should be fake, Google Test provides only results connected with English Wikipedia, no more. I'll probably add some sources over the next couple of days.--Kacir 8. 11. 2016, 03:06 (CET)
Thank you, Kacir. I have amended both of the en articles to show the married names as we understand them. Any references of additional information you can provide will be most welcome. I notice that the Espania wikipedia has a single article which combines both women. I have left a note on their talk page - see --Tagishsimon (diskuse) 8. 11. 2016, 10:02 (CET)
Just a few more sources, Tagishsimon and others. "Kdo byl kdo - čeští olympionici" encyclopaedia (Who was who - Czech Olympians) confirms the birthdate of "Helsinki's" Kroutilová (*1925). Mention also Ota Kroutil (* 1921 in Dobřichovice), both of them raced for KVS Praha and for Podolí, they almost clearly must be relatives, but no proof how. What about a chance that Kroutilová was also born Pavlisová, and in 1952 she had been already married to Kroutil...? To Ota...? (Correct order of Czech names is married-nee, with Kroutilová-Pavlisová at the Czech Olympic Committee's page it means I could be correct, but...).
Interesting information about Marta Pavlisová (married Kohoutová someday between 1938 and 1940) was a sister of Marie, married Zvolánková (see Marie Zvolanková with incorrect spelling!), as mentioned best in the "Národní politika" newspaper (1940-07-31, p. 10). Kohoutová competed as late as in 1950. A short notice about funeral of Kohoutová is in "Rudé právo" daily 1953-08-20 (see here right bottom).
But very little about Kroutilová (useless trivia information that she raised a Czechoslovak flag in the Helsinki Olympic village in the wake of the 1952 Olympics ;-) )... And nothing about Kroutilová being Veselá...
I will try to ask some friends, who are interested in olympic history. --Okino (diskuse) 8. 11. 2016, 11:13 (CET)
Thank you, Okino. I am so glad that this embassy page exists and that you and Kacir and others are taking the time and trouble to try to understand and correct the issues with these two sportswomen. I greatly appreciate your efforts. I do apologise that being English and as a result slightly stupid and lazy, I am not able to talk using your language and instead require you to do all the work. thanks --Tagishsimon (diskuse) 8. 11. 2016, 12:43 (CET)

Two articles about the same subject[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Hello together, I found two articles about the same subject in your wikipedia, they dont seem to diver as far google translate and the visible content tells me: Tatran Střešovice and Tatran Omlux Střešovice (a floorball club). Best regards from switzerland, a user of the german-speaking wikipedia: Fundriver (diskuse) 8. 1. 2017, 21:32 (CET)

Hi! I've merged the articles. Thank you for notification. Best regards from Hradec Králové, --Martin Urbanec (diskuse) 27. 3. 2017, 13:45 (CEST)

Babiš na fr: a es: a fin:[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Prosím, kdo umí francouzsky ať doplní do článku Andrej Babiš na francouzské Wikipedii a případně do dalších souvisejících článků, že byl odvolán, případně se koukněte i na španělskou či finskou Wikipedie. Na anglické jsem to opravil a na ruské jsem tamní wikipedisty v ruštině poprosil v diskusi. V jazycích, kterými předpokládám, že neumíte, jsem je poprosil v angličtině.-- Tento nepodepsaný komentář přidal(a) uživatel(ka) (diskuse)