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Could someone block the page for edits of anonymous users (IPs)? an IP insist on add false information. --Sahaquiel9102 (diskuse) 11. 6. 2019, 19:51 (CEST)

Hi Sahaquiel9102! Please add your request here. --Patriccck (diskuse) 11. 6. 2019, 20:34 (CEST)
The request is already added there. --Palu (diskuse) 11. 6. 2019, 20:40 (CEST)
Thanks! Dankon! IPs has changed this article on several languages with false information. I'm tired of revert the editions across several Wikis everytime. --Sahaquiel9102 (diskuse) 11. 6. 2019, 21:22 (CEST)