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Fáze 1

Fáze 1[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Co si myslíte o běžných komunikačních procesech? Zkuste se zaměřit na těchto pět otázek:

  1. Když chcete ve své komunitě diskutovat určité téma, které nástroje jsou spolehlivé a s jakými problémy se potýkáte?
  2. Co na diskusních stránkách je vhodné pro nováčky a s jakými problémy se potýkají oni?
  3. S čím mají na diskusních stránkách potíže ostatní z vaší komunity?
  4. Co byste si přáli dělat na diskusních stránkách, ale z technických důvodů to není možné?
  5. Jaké jsou důležité aspekty „diskuse na wiki“?

Diskuse k fázi 1[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Dvorapa[editovat | editovat zdroj]

@Trizek (WMF), TMeadows (WMF contractor): Sorry, that I will not respond to questions directly, but to me these questions are like Brexit referendum. We can tell you, what is wrong, but we can't tell you, what you should do (develop/code in this case).

This is supposed to be my personal summary of what Czech Wikipedia needs for discussions (and why none of current solutions is good):

  • hierarchy - everybody must see on the first sight, who replies to what post and everybody (even novice) must easily understand, how to reply to the exact one post they want to reply. 1 point for LQT, 0.5 point for WE, 0 points for others
  • history - everybody should be able to see, what is the discussion history in clear and standard way we are used to on Wikipedia. 1 point for both WE and VE, 0 points for others
  • administration - admins should be able to easily hide or remove or refactor bad username, bad text, bad topic title, bad summary, etc. in history and/or on the discussion/topic page. 1 point for both WE and VE, nor sure about LQT, but 0 points for SD
  • design - the whole UI should be modern looking, clean and well thought-out. 1 point for SD and 1 point for VE, 0 points for others
  • usability - the UI features should be intuitive, easy to understand and easy to work with, no blockers or obstructions in the way of using it. Also it should be unified with other features of the MediaWiki UI and maybe also familiar from other discussion frameworks (namely Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.). 1 point for WE, 1 point for LQT and 0 points for others
  • architecture - it should load instantly and work fast, there is no need to load much extensions like for WE/VE, user just wants to use pings, links, perhaps also code samples sometimes or some basic templates and that's it. 1 point for WE, 1 point for LQT and 0 points for others
  • archivation - every post should be easily archivable both one by one and en masse, also old posts should be easily discoverable and searchable. 1 point for both WE and VE, not sure about LQT, but 0 points for SD
  • API - API should have access to each post separately, but also to all posts at once. Each post must have machine readable source. 1 point for both WE and VE, not sure about LQT, but 0 points for SD. (updated thanks to JAn Dudík's notes below)

(WE = wikitext editor, SD = Structured Discussions, LQT = LiquidThreads, VE = VisualEditor)

Any questions or requests for clarification from developers and/or WMF members focused on communities welcome. Any suggestion of a missing point or minor fixes welcome/Jakýkoliv návrh na doplnění určitého chybějícího bodu nebo drobné opravy vítány. --Dvorapa (diskuse) 1. 4. 2019, 23:25 (CEST)

JAnD[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • System must be usable for all users, from pc and from mobile, even with disabled javascript
  • source code must be machine readable (in SD is impossible to fix link using bot)
  • When user returns to discuccion page, he must be able to see, what is new from his last visit (like in diff)

JAn (diskuse) 2. 4. 2019, 08:11 (CEST)