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Hey, there was not only one MAN-Siemens trolleybus! MAN didn't have number specifications, like MAN MP-76 or sth like that, so there were at least 7 M-SSW trolleybuses, 2 of them in Kyiv in the 1940-s! Anatoliy-024 24. 4. 2011, 18:05 (UTC)

Hi. It's possible, but this name is using in Czech literature (Ladislav Holub: Atlas trolejbusů, NADAS 1986) and on Slovak site Imhd.sk (http://imhd.zoznam.sk/ba/index.php?w=3329302f30eff2212c24293a2f36ef1f&id=26). I don't know any other name for this trolleybus. --Harold 24. 4. 2011, 18:18 (UTC)
Yes, I belive :) I also don't know other names, cause MAN didn't give their trolleybuses any other specifications until late 40-s, when the first MAN/Kassbohrer MKE I (length - 9,75 m, rear motor) trolley's were built. And that is why I'm asking. MAN, Schumann, Kassbohrer, Henschel and other trolley manufacturers in Germany usually didn't give exact names to their t-buses, as they were made for Germany and it wasn't so important to give numeric specifications. And the manufacturers were very flexible to orders - MAN, for example, made a frame-based chassis, and Vetter, or Schumann built the body. So if Vetter, than the tbus was named MAN-Vetter. And the city ordered the electric motor and equipment from Kiepe Electric, Siemens; BBC, etc. So, if Kiepe, than MAN-Vetter/Kiepe, and there could be made several trolleys with this name and a lot of modifications, and we'll have to write in the article, that we meant those one for Prague, for example. That's a real damn problem with those German trolleybus names :) Anatoliy-024 1. 5. 2011, 17:40 (UTC)