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Myslím, že je hejkal hlavní význam, proto navrhuji přesunout. --Wikipedista:BobM d|p 4. 9. 2009, 11:53 (UTC)

Souhlasím, ostatní pojmy v rozcestníku jsou očividně odvozené. --Lukas Sova 4. 9. 2009, 12:48 (UTC)

Osobní setkání s podobným fenoménem[editovat zdroj]

Stockholm vicinity, early spring 1994: Observation by Varnadi das.

"I was chanting japa in the forest, on the pathway leading from Korsnäs to the vacation houses, walking up and down between the corner of the farmer's field and the part where the pathway is covered by trees. I met Vaidyanatha on the way. As usual he was going in the direction of the vacation houses." "At one point I approached the corner of the farmer's field. Vaidyanatha had reached the end of the field (where the vacation houses begin). Then I heard an awesome sound coming from deep in the forest on my left side. It sounded somewhat like roaring wind, but much louder and with some strange intonations, almost like howling. It was localized. I looked whether Vaidyanatha, who was standing about 250 meters (750 feet) away from me, also heard the sound. Apparently he did, because he had turned around and seemed to be waiting for what was to come." "Then, at a distance of 7-8 meters (20 feet) the sound came out of the forest with an amazing display. A column of objects rose in a very structured fashion almost 20 meters (60 feet) into the sky next to the trees. My first impression was that of an enormous swarm of butterflies, because that is what it looked like. But the sound didn't match. My next impression was a swarm of small birds, because that would make more sense in connection with the sound." "Actually, it was neither. They were leaves. Yet they didn't behave as such. They were manipulated in a far-out way. They were all aligned with the same side facing the sun, and would change direction in the same way a swarm of birds does, all together, all at once. They changed direction 2 or 3 times as they rose up in the sky, creating a very nice pattern. At the highest point they were like ejected from a tube. All structure was gone. The sound subsided and the leaves came floating down in their normal characteristic way. On ground level I noticed movement and could trace the "something" that had manipulated the leaves as it swiftly moved over the farmer's field toward the bushes on the other side. It had left an indented track, about a meter (3 feet) wide. By that time Vaidyanatha had walked over, and as the last couple of leaves came down he asked: 'What was that?'" "He thought the leaves had come from the trees, but they didn't. There were no leaves at all on any tree. I clearly saw that something took them from the floor close to the edge of the forest. There was no wind at that time."

The "howler" was also encountered by another devotee who took a japa-walk in the forest near Korsnäs, where the first road splits of to the right. All of a sudden he heard a terrible, roaring sound in the forest. It was coming towards him, moving fast. "I was terrified and started to chant the Nrsimha-prayers. When it came very close I started running towards Korsnäs. But this thing just followed me on the side through the forest until I came to Korsnäs. Then it stopped." The sound had moved parallel to him on his right side, a little down into the forest. He could not see anything and was amazed that whatever it was could move so fast between the trees and vegetation. "I had the impression that it was playing around with me, not that it wanted to hurt me, but I was scared nonetheless."

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