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Hi! I'm italian, and I'm learning czech, so I training by reading wikipedia's czech pages. I can not write in czech yet, so please if someone want to do it there are some corrections to do:

1) In italy we don't eat bruschetta for breakfast, basically because italian breakfast is based on sweet food (biscuits, cakes, etc) and coffee, which doesn't go with tomatoes! Bruschetta is one of the most common starter.

2) Tuscan "fettunta" is typically without tomatoes, and is only bread garlic and olive oil.

3) "Ventricina" is not another name for "bruschetta" , but is a particular sausage from Abruzzo region which can be used as ingredient for bruschetta

4) Bruschetta is not typical only of central Italy, but of all Italy (just as example, Puglia is one of the regions in which bruschetta is always done with tomatoes, olive oil and basil, but bruschetta was a typical poor dish also in Piemonte, a region close to France).