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plechovému bubnu[editovat zdroj]

Recently I found the term "plechovému bubnu" in the article with "bubnu" linked to buben. Obviously the term "plechovému bubnu" was used for the musical instrument origininated in Trinidad and originally called the steelpan. Because I didn't know how this instrument is called in Czech, I made a google search and found not a single reference where "plechovému bubnu" or "plechovému buben" is used for the musical instrument steelpan (except a few that were related to this article).

The main failure I wanted to correct in the article was the link to buben, because this is a completely false reference. The steelpan is not a drum (buben). So if the term plechovému bubnu is used for the steelpan it is false to link buben. Buben in this case has nothing to do with buben described in the buben article.

Therefor I replaced "plechovému bubnu" with steelpan which is the original name and for example also used in German as name for the instrument.

Now my edit was reverted. Therefor I have written this explanation. I think it is still valid.

I will delete the buben link because this is definitely false. But I ask you to give references for the use of "plechovému bubnu" as term naming the steelpan. Otherwise we should replace "plechovému bubnu" with the correct Czech term (if it exists) or with the original steelpan because Wikipedia is not the place to create new terms. -- 17. 6. 2012, 17:29 (UTC) (I am user Ixkeys in the German and English Wikipedia and a main editor of the German and English articles about the Hang)

Because after one month nobody has given a reference for "plechovému bubnu" as Czech term for steelpan I will now again exchange "plechovému bubnu" for "steelpan" in the article. -- 20. 7. 2012, 19:41 (UTC) (I am user Ixkeys in the German and English Wikipedia and a main editor of the German and English articles about the Hang)

Plechový buben is not used as translaton for Hang drum[editovat zdroj]

In the current version of the article „plechový buben“ is used to refer to the fact that the Hang is sometimes called "hang drum". I made a Google research and found out that there isn't any reference that „plechový buben“ is used in Czech as translation for the English "hang drum". In fact the term "hang drum" is an American phenomenon. The term was invented by a former American distributor. It is used internationally only in its English form. As the term is used here in the article to refer to this usage and to explain that the Hang is not a drum, the article must refer to the actually used English term "hang drum" and not to a never used Czech translation. Therefor I modified the sentence: "V angličtině někdy je označován za Hang drum,...". I hope this is grammatically correct. If there is a grammatically mistake, correct me please. --Ixkeys (diskuse) 12. 5. 2013, 06:58 (UTC)

"...ale může se na něj hrát i ve stoje"[editovat zdroj]

The statement about playing the Hang on a stand refers to an old, outdated version of the English Wikipedia article. Especially for the Hang versions since 2006 it turned out that playing the Hang on a stand is not recommendable, because you need the legs to adjust the Gu sound. Therefor playing on a stand isn't mentioned any longer in the most elaborated German and English Wikipedia articles about the Hang. --Ixkeys (diskuse) 12. 5. 2013, 07:32 (UTC)