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The Neoplan N4016 was a low-floor single-decker bus built by Neoplan between 1988 and 1999, initially at Stuttgart in Germany and later also in Poland.[1] It is the larger version of the Neoplan N4009 midibus.

The N4016 is remembered for being the first low-entry single-decker bus sold in the United Kingdom.

In Russia, Minski Awtomobilny Sawod (MAZ) took contacts with Neoplan in order to produce the Šablona:Interlanguage link : a russian low-floor bus closely related to the Neoplan N4016. While the MAZ-101 sold poorly, subsequent variants (Šablona:Interlanguage link, Šablona:Interlanguage link and the three-axle Šablona:Interlanguage link) have been sold to a vast amount of Russian and foreign operators and are still in production today.