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O projektu Zkušenosti nových wikipedistů je rozesílán zhruba jednou za měsíc newsletter. K tomuto newsletteru je možné se přihlásit na této stránce. Archiv newsletteru je k dispozici níže na této stránce.

Do března 2019 byl také rozesílán zhruba jednou za dva týdny newsletter přímo ambasadorem projektu. Informace a archiv tohoto původního newsletteru naleznete na této stránce. V této době byly také rozesílány pravidelné zprávy týmu Growth. Jejich seznam naleznete níže.

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Nechcete-li již nikdy obdržet žádnou zprávu týkající se tohoto projektu, prosím, zapište se níže.

  • 20krát ve Sledovaných stačí --26. 12. 2018, 20:37 (CET), Utar (diskuse)

Archiv newsletteru[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Archivní vydání newsletteru naleznete níže.

Growth team updates #6[editovat | editovat zdroj]

18. 3. 2019, 19:19 (CET)

Growth team updates #7[editovat | editovat zdroj]

29. 4. 2019, 18:18 (CEST)

Call for submissions for the Community Growth space at Wikimania 2019[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Welcome to a special newsletter from the Growth team! This special newsletter is not about Wikimedia Foundation Growth team projects. Instead, it is a call for submissions for the Community Growth space at Wikimania 2019. We think that many people who receive this newsletter may have something valuable to contribute to this space at Wikimania. We haven't translated the newsletter, because Wikimania's language is English.

Please see below for the message from the organizers of the Community Growth space at Wikimania.


Wikimania 2019 is organized into 19 “spaces”, which are all accepting proposals for sessions. This message comes from the team organizing the Community Growth space.

Since you are interested b Growth team projects, and potentially involved in welcoming newcomers initiatives on your wiki, we would like to invite you to submit a proposal to the Community Growth space because of the actions you’ve done around newcomers on wikis. The deadline for submission is June 1. See below for Community Growth submission topics and session formats. Topics and sessions have to be in English.

In the Community Growth space, we will come together for discussions, presentations, and workshops that address these questions:

  • What is and is not working around attracting and retaining newcomers?
  • How should Wikimedia activities evolve to help communities grow and flourish?
  • How should our technology and culture evolve to help new populations to come online, participate and become community members?

Recommended topics: please see this link for the list for the list of recommended topics. If you do not plan to submit a proposal, you can also suggest additional topics here. If your topic does not fit into our space, remember that there are 18 other spaces that could welcome you sharing your knowledge and perspective.

Types of session. We prefer sessions that are participatory, interactive, promote conversations, and give a voice to parts of our movement that are heard less often. Please see this link for the list of recommended session formats.

Poster submissions. Posters are also a good way to introduce a topic, or show some results of an action. Please consider submitting one!

More information about the Community Growth space, topics, and submission formats is available on the proposal page.

Please submit your proposal. The reviews will happen at the beginning of June.

If you have questions about Wikimania in general, please ask them on the Wikimania wiki.

On behalf of the Community Growth leadership team, Trizek (WMF), 16. 5. 2019, 13:44 (CEST)

Growth team updates #8[editovat | editovat zdroj]

13. 6. 2019, 11:02 (CEST)

Growth team updates #9[editovat | editovat zdroj]

23. 7. 2019, 16:26 (CEST)

Growth team updates #10[editovat | editovat zdroj]

2. 10. 2019, 20:49 (CEST)