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Final report[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Last preparations before a photoshoot

In 2017, Juan and Aktron organised an expedition called Wikiexpedition West (in Czech: Wikiexpedice Západ) which focused on taking photos of localities such as villages and municipalities in Klatovy Disctrict. As all the participants are economically active, the expedition took place during Easter for their convenience.

  • Photo count: 9131
  • Distinct images used: 2830 (31%)
  • Price per photo: CZK 4.3 (approx. USD 0.19, EUR 0.17, 2/2019)
  • Objects: 250+
  • Illustrated: 997 articles

Photo gallery[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Complete photo gallery: commons:Category:Mediagrant III:Wikiexpedice Západ

In words[editovat | editovat zdroj]

The Wikiexpedition West took place during Easter because all the participants had time off. During the expedition, a total of 9 participants took part and there were up to 4 teams in one day.[P 1] Some participants were present on all days, others joined only for the days they were free. Photographing villages and other settlements of smaller nature were the main objective, however, one team focused primarily on natural monuments while other participants photographed cultural monuments, cities and museum collections as well. The weather was mostly in our favour, only after lunch on the last day heavy snowfall began which was the reason to conclude the expedition. All participants went home after that.

Working day looked as follows: sector division by the teams in the evening or early in the morning and preparations. Breakfast in the morning followed by departure for the assigned sectors and a whole day of photographing. Lunch break according to the agreement within the team. Arrival at accommodations in the evening (reserved at chateau Mlázovy located in the center of the area of our interest), reporting on photographed objects[P 2], followed by leaving for dinner and free entertainment afterwards. Participants used their own methodology for photographing villages that was developed during individual photoshoots during Photos of Czech municipalities project. This methodology allows covering 25 up to 28 villages a day.

The second part of the project was individual. It consisted of processing up to thousands of photos that each participant took and uploading them to Wikimedia Commons along with appropriate metadata. Participants had time until the end of the year, approximately eight months, to finish the second part. They managed to finish 95 % of the work by that time.[P 3] At this point Ivory999 started categorising the photos as well as looking for Wikipedia articles to use them in. The rate of distinct image use rose up to 30 % thanks to his good efforts.

In the very end, the organisers had to collect all receipts and invoices for the expedition’s duration, calculate the bottom line, forward it to the donor and write a report. All participants then received an evaluation questionnaire to grade the organisers’ work. The resulting grade was 2, meaning ‘commendable’.[P 4] The participants saw slight problems in communication and organisation. Consequently, it was decided that on any future Wikiexpeditions of this extent, the organisers will dedicate more time to organising the event rather than participating in photoshoots. More attention will be given to task division between the organisers and task completion checkback as well. The grant application and arranging fast file processing were the organisers’ biggest challenges. Setting deadlines for uploading photos and engaging new photographers will be an important task for the following years. There are ways to quickly upload pictures into Wikipedia Commons, however, wikiphotographers do not want to use them. It appears that processing photos of cultural monuments is more time-consuming than documentary processing of a village. If problems with obtaining finances should occur, there will be a discussion with the donor on the topic of system improvements or the funds will be sought elsewhere altogether.

We plan to repeat the event in the following years as it was rather successful and gained a lot of attention.

Invitations and receptions[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  1. A team in this context is defined as a photographer with a car, accompanied by one or two other photographers.
  2. An object in this context is an object of interest that already has an article on Wikipedia, or that can have one in the future.
  3. The rest had been completed and uploaded in early 2018.
  4. The grading scale is the same as in Czech schools, 1 stands for excellent, 5 stands for insufficient.

Following Wikiexpedition[editovat | editovat zdroj]