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==Částečná diskografie==
* ''If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time''/''Tear Drops From My Eyes'' (1950, Decca #27329 with the Lee Gordon Singers.)[6]
* ''My Sweetie Went Away''/''More Than I Should'' (1950, Decca 27061)[7]
* ''All the Bees Are Buzzin' Round My Honey''/''For You, My Love'' (1950, Decca 24056)[8]
* ''Nothing''/''Bye, Honey, Bye-Bye'' (1951 Decca 27833)[9]
* ''Keep It a Secret''/''I Miss You So'' (1952, Capitol 2268)[10]
* ''For the First Time''/''If It's the Last Thing I Do'' (1953, Capitol 2667)[11]
* ''By the Light of the Silvery Moon'' (1953 Capitol with Gordon MacRae)[12]
* ''Full Dimensional Sound -- A Study in High Fidelity'' (1953 Capitol) Hutton was one of several artists included on a long-playing album to "demonstrate to audiophiles the full range and capabilities of sound reproducing systems."[13]
* ''The Lights of Home''/''You Are My Love'' (1953 Capitol 2369)[14]
* ''I Had a Little Too Much to Dream Last Night''/''Song of the Sleigh Bells'' (1953 Capitol 2318)[15]
* ''Coney Island Boat''/''Open Your Arms'' (1954 Capitol 2784)[16]
* ''Gee''/''Too Little Time'' (1954 Capitol 2727)[17]
==Externí odkazy==
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