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<small>Thank you for adding the article {{#ifexist:Wirtschaftliche Forschungsgesellschaft|[[Wirtschaftliche Forschungsgesellschaft]]|''Wirtschaftliche Forschungsgesellschaft''}}. Unfortunately, the text is not in the Czech language and must be translated. Please try to translate at least part of the text; after one week, a decision will be made whether to keep or delete the untranslated sections. Also, please do not use automated translations, since they are often of poor quality. Thank you for your understanding.</small> --[[Wikipedista:Jvs|Jvs]] 6. 6. 2017, 16:14 (CEST)
:Omyl - napraveno. --[[Wikipedista:Jiří Nedas|Jiří Nedas]] 7. 6. 2017

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