Pegboard Nerds

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Pegboard Nerds (2016)

Pegboard Nerds je dánská / norská elektronická hudební skupina, která se skládá z Alexandra Odden a Michael Parsberg. Produkují Dubstep, Electro, Drumstep, glitch hop a Trap.

Diskografie[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Extended play-e
  • "We Are One EP" (featuring Splitbreed)
  • "Guilty Pleasures EP"
  • "The Lost Tracks EP"
  • "High Roller (The Remixes)" (featuring Splitbreed)
  • "Bassline Kickin' (The Remixes)"
  • "The Uncaged Remixes"
  • "Bring the Madness Remixes" (with Excision) (featuring Mayor Apeshit)
  • "Ingen anden drøm" (Pegboard Nerds vs. Morten Breum) (English: No Other Dream)
  • "High Roller"
  • "2012 (Det Derfor)" feat. Dice & Joey Moe (2012) (English: 2012 (That's Why))
  • "Gunpoint"
  • "So What"
  • "Revenge Of The Nerds" (Free D/L)
  • "Disconnected"
  • "Lawless" (Free D/L)
  • "Pressure Cooker"
  • "Rocktronik" (Free D/L)
  • "Fire In The Hole"
  • "Self Destruct"
  • "Razor Sharp" (with Tristam)
  • "Frainbreeze" (Free D/L)
  • "This Is Not The End" (with Krewella)
  • "Coffins" (Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives) (Free D/L)
  • "Bassline Kickin"
  • "Hero" (featuring Elizaveta)
  • "New Style"
  • "Here It Comes"
  • "BADBOI" (Free D/L)
  • "Emergency" (featuring Nothing But Thieves)
  • "Who The Fuck Is Paul McCartney!?" (Free D/L)
  • "Bring the Madness" (with Excision) (featuring Mayor Apeshit)
  • "Blackout"

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