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Interwiki for years BC[editovat zdroj]

It's not necessary to add all possible interwikis for article, you can add only few links an add link to cs: page to article in another language. Interwiki bots will do the "dirty work" automatically. JAn 16:39, 13. 11. 2006 (UTC)

I know but bots have their limits. They lack in judgement and sometimes duplicate bad links or do not take into account the redirect. That is why I don't consider my interventions "dirty work" :-). However I'll try to do them all in one shot from now on. Robin des Bois ♘ 21:12, 13. 11. 2006 (UTC)
For my bot, I think, is necessary to new BC's add iw to sk: and any other language (lb, fr...), the rest I will do in semiautonomous mode. JAn 07:13, 14. 11. 2006 (UTC)

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