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This Month in GLAM: January 2019[editovat zdroj]

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A grave in Teplice[editovat zdroj]

Hi Gampe, a long time we have nothing heart from together. I hope, all its okay for you. Perhaps you can help me. I wrote a message to User:Faigl.ladislav see here if it would be possible to make a photograph from a grave in Teplice. Unfortunately, he didn't answer me, why, I don't know - but perhaps you know some other user from there, which is able to make a photograph for commons. It would be very helpful for me and for wikipedia :-) -- regards and děkuji from Rakúsko K@rl (diskuse) 14. 2. 2019, 16:37 (CET)

Hi Karl. I'm going to Teplice sometimes in February or in March to meet my colleague. If it will be possible, I'll visit the cemetery and take a photo for you. --Gampe (diskuse) 14. 2. 2019, 16:55 (CET)
Wow, this would be very fine. I have only this information, Ihope this would be a little helpfull. thanks in advance K@rl (diskuse)