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Removal of the fake flags[editovat zdroj]

Forgive me for using English in Czech Wikipedia. The problem I am dealing with spreads over multiple Wikipedias and I admit I have not offered a full explanation here and in other languages.

As I described in en:Tomoe, Flag of Ryukyu.svg is not a genuine flag. It is a product of some miscommunication that happened in mainland Japan (not in Okinawa, where the flag supposedly originated) in the 19th century. The alleged flag was supposedly carried by a ship from Okinawa that drifted to mainland Japan in 1798, but a paper published last year confirms that it actually displayed a well-attested banner (something close to, though not identical with, Mitsudomoe banner white.svg). We still do not know exactly how the banner was distorted in mainland Japan. Whatever the case may be, it is too obvious that this is fake. The ship was chartered by the Shō clan, whose family crest is Hidari mitsudomoe.svg. Compare this with the alleged flag Flag of Ryukyu.svg. You can see that the triskelion is facing the opposite direction!

As for Ryukyu Islands flag 1875-1879.svg, again, see en:Tomoe. This was NOT used from 1875 to 1879. It was actually created by the United States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands (USCAR) in 1954. Because it has never been adopted, I don't think it should be shown in this article. --Nanshu (diskuse) 19. 6. 2018, 18:08 (CEST)